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Inaugural Rosh Chodesh Mesiba

To celebrate Rosh Chodesh Cheshbon, we had our first Rosh Chodesh Mesiba. 

The boys enjoyed a spread of bagels, spreads, French Toast, pastries,  juices and coffee. We were zoche to hear from our very own Mordechai Yona Daneshrad as he spoke about נח entering the תיבה, describing how difficult it is to have real אמונה. Following the meal, we had spirited dancing, enhanced by the presence of the Bais Medrash Bachurim we have learning with us for the next few weeks.

It was an uplifting and fun experience for all.

May we be zoche to have many more Mesibot!


Enjoying the Meal

The breakfast began with a wonderful meal, during which the boys ate, shmoozed, and spent time together with themselves and the rebbeim.


Mordechai Yona Speaking

Mordechai Yona Daneshrad spoke about Emunah, and about how Noach had a hard time entering the Taiva despite working so many years on it.


Dancing together

Dancing together with each other.

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