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Yeshiva of Great Neck has found its home!

With tremendous חסדי השם, we have found a home for next year.

We will be leasing 61 Steamboat Road, and, after extensive renovations, the boys will be welcomed into a beautiful, brand-new building.

Building Rendering2 isolated.png

Artist's rendering of the front of our future location

The current building will be undergoing tremendous renovations, which will, בעז"ה, make it a fitting and comfortable home for the first few years of Yeshiva of Great Neck.

See below for the floor plan of the Yeshiva, with 4 classrooms, a bet medrash, and dining room. 

There will בעז"ה be a basketball hoop in the back for the boys to play, and look forward to being able to be a place that is spacious, airy, bright, and conducive to learning.

The boys will feel at home, and the Yeshiva is sure to take pride in the growth that they will experience while at Yeshiva of Great Neck.


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Partner with us!

The construction and renovations for our future home is a very costly endeavor. We want to be able to provide the boys with a nice, new, facility. 

Yeshiva of Great Neck is shouldering a significant amount of the costs of construction.

We have dedication opportunities, which you can use to help us fund our new home, and have a zechut for yourself and your loved ones in this special project.

To discuss any of these dedication opportunities, you can reach out to us at:
Rabbi Katz - 516-587-4734
Or simply fill out the form below and we will contact you.
תזכו למצות

Thank you for your interest! We will reach out to you soon, בעזרת השם.

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