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Inaugural Chanukah Mesiba

On Monday Night, Yeshiva of Great Neck hosted a channukah mesiba for families and friends of the Yeshiva. The community was invited for dessert and dancing.

The event was graced by Harav Dovid Harris, Shlit"a, Rosh Hayeshiva of Yeshivat Chofetz Chaim in Queens. 


Rabbi Strassfeld

Rabbi Strassfeld spoke briefly, introducing Harav Harris.


Harav Dovid Harris

Harav Dovid Harris spoke about the menorah; how it symbolizes all of Klal Yisroel working together, and how everyone needs to play his part in acheiving our common goal - Kiddush Shem Shamayim

The speech was followed by very lively dancing. It was beautiful to see the boys dancing with each other, as well as with the rebbeim and their parents. A Kumzitz broke up the dancing, followed by additional dancing.


All present felt the energy in the room, and it was a very beautiful event. 

Pictures and Videos

Dancing 3
Dancing 4
On the Shoulders
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