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We are excited to announce the second year of our popular summer program!
This year, it will be a three-trip summer evening program for boys in Great Neck completing 6th and 7th grade.


  • There will be three trips, the first on Tuesady night, 7/20, and the second and 3rd on Monday night, 7/26, and 8/2.

  • The program will include:

    • Learning​

    • Dinner

    • A trip/activity

  • You can register for each event seperately, but registering for all three will have a small discount.

  • Parents must arrange transportation to and from the trips

Bubble Soccer:

  • What: Bubble Soccer is a very fun sport where the boys go inside a large, inflatable bubble and try to play soccer while bumping each other around. We will also be having dinner.

  • Where: The activitiy will take place in the backyard of Mr. and Mrs. Sharifian, 13 Arrandale Ave, here in Great Neck.

  • Schedule:

    • 6:00 - Arrival, short shiur​

    • 6:30 - Bubble soccer begins. Dinner will be served during the game

    • 8:00 - Pickup

Escape Room:

  • What: An escape room is a room designed with puzzles that the boys have to solve as a team to "escape" the room. 

  • Where: We will be going to "Can You Escape, Long Island" located at 44 Jericho Turnpike f, Mineola, NY.

  • Please note: We cannot provide transporatation. You will have to arrange a ride for your son to and from the Escape Room.

  • Schedule:

    • 6:00 - Arrival

    • 7:30 - Dinner, at the escape room facilities

    • 8:00 - Pickup

Poolside BBQ:

  • What: We will be renting out a large, beautiful pool, basketball court, and large grill. This trip was the most popular last year.

  • Where: This is a private yard in Cedarhurst. We will send you the information if you register closer to the event.

  • Please note: We cannot provide transporatation. You will have to arrange a ride for your son to and from the trip.

  • Schedule:

    • 7:00 - Arrival

    • 9:00 - Pickup

How do I sign up?

It's Easy! Just click here and fill out the form.

The cost is $20 for one trip, and $50 for all 3.

NOTE: You will need to sign up in advance.

Questions? Comments?

Contact us!


Phone: Rabbi Michael Katz: 516-587-4734

            Rabbi Moshe Strassfeld: 646-256-0253

Please spread the word! Have a safe and healthy summer! We look forward to meeting and learning with the wonderful boys of the Great Neck community.

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