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The RPM Raceway trip was a tremendous success. All who attended had an exhilarating time, and it was a pleasure for the staff of YGN to meet the boys of Great Neck and get to know them. 

The highlight of the trip was the intense racing at RPM Raceway. Each boy got a chance to race 3 races, back to back. After donning some sort of "Sweater-kippa" to protect our heads, we put on large racing helmets with clear visors and neck braces. After gearing up, we watched a safety video showing us all the things NOT to do on the racetrack.

Then it was time to race. The carts entered the track one by one, and were off! The participants had to learn to be careful, as this was no baby go-cart game. Those carts go FAST! Congratulations to Yisroel Abdulezadeh on fastest lap time - 21.978 seconds!

After three races, we played arcades. Basketball and air hockey were two favorites, as well as the 3-D baseball simulator.

We headed back to Queens, where each boy ordered a main and side dish from Holy Shnitzel on Main Street, which we ate in a side room in the Cofetz Chaim of Queens building.

Following dinner, there was a highly-interactive shiur given by Rabbi Strassfeld on the concept of Shlichut by Kiddushin, based off the beginning of the second perek of mesechet kiddushin. While not as exhilarating as the racetrack, the boys enjoyed the shiur, and participated actively.

See below for pictures of this wonderful trip!

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