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Week 1 at Yeshiva of Great Neck

ברוך השם, we got off to a fantastic start.

The בחורים are learning seriously, and bonding with each other and the rebbeim. They have the opportunity to adjust to the rigourous לימודי קודש schedule before beginning the full-day schedule this coming Monday.


First Day of Shiur

On Monday, shiur began in full force. Rabbi Strassfeld's Iyun shiur jumped righ in, challenging the boys to dive into their learning. בקיאות, חומש, and הלכה also began, and the boys are adjusting to the busy morning.


Moshe Lovi's Siyum

This Thursday, Moshe Lovi made a סיום on מסכת ברכות, which he has been working on for a few years. We were זוכה to have Rabbi Shaliasiboo come and address the boys, and we danced together to celebrate the occasion.


Thursday's Boating Trip

Later on Thursday, before משמר and after מנחה, the Yeshiva went out on a yachtin trip in Long Island Sound, followed by a steak BBQ in the Shahkoohi's house. The boys had a great time, then returned for משמר and מעריב.

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